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Types of Soapstone

Soapstone is still in the early stages of its popularity as a kitchen and bathroom countertop material, but is now a highly coveted commodity.  It is an art form by itself, but because of its unique and valuable properties, such as its incredible durability and striking beauty, soapstone is the choice material for many architects, interior designers and home owners.

For those with an eye for the spectacular and a vision for forever, soapstone is for you.

There are essentially two categories of soapstone: Artistic and Architectual. Artistic soapstone has a very high talc content, making it quite soft and more suitable to carving and sculptures.

Architectural soapstone on the other hand has a very strong durability and solidity, making for a superb countertop material. It still has the artistic appeal and texture of Artistic Soapstone, but with the integrity needed for use in the home.  Architectural soapstone originates predominantly from Brazil, United States, Canada and Finland with colors varying from dark gray to blueish or greenish gray with light or dramatic veining.