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The Granstone soapstone team of master craftsmen has been working with soapstone for many years. We are happy to work directly with customers or architects, designers and contractors to complete any custom soapstone surface fabrication project.

Our design, fabrication and installation services for soapstone countertops, sinks, showers, walls and fireplaces is offered throughout eastern Ontario and western Quebec. Depending on the size of your project, we can travel anywhere in Canada for both residential or commercial projects. If you have a surface project that requires soapstone most likely we can do it.

We use the latest in 3D digital laser technology for templating your countertops and surfaces and CNC fabrication technology for accurate cutting, quality fabrication, fast turnaround times and minimal waste.

You may think that any experienced natural stone fabricator can fabricate soapstone, but soapstone is finished differently from granite or marble. Granstone cuts, fabricates, finishes and installs using techniques and methods specific to soapstone ensuring that the natural beauty of this unique stone is clearly visible.

Some of the commercial work that we do includes bars, restaurants, high end retail space, schools and more.

Understanding Soapstone 

Soapstone is recognized as an excellent natural-stone alternative to granite and marble. Its unique color palette, artistic veining patterns and matte finish give it a rustic quality, which also allows for it to be easily and effectively incorporated into modern design environments in the home.

Soapstone also known by its scientific name as steatite is a metamorphic rock that can range anywhere from 300 to 400 million years old.  Soapstone is chemically inert and is compose of the following minerals: talc, calcium, dolomite, quartz, magnesite, mica, pyroxene, amphibole, serpentine, calcites and iron oxides.  It is because of soapstone’s talc content that gives it a tactile almost soapy feel to the touch.

Soapstone is the only non-porous natural stone on earth. Unlike granite and marble where pores cannot be completely sealed, no matter the sealer, soapstone does not require any special treatment as it is extremely dense and naturally non porous.

Due to its neutral-mineral content, soapstone is impervious and naturally resistance to chemicals and therefore can be cleaned using even the strongest of household cleaning products which would damage other natural stone surfaces. Before the invention of plastics and other composite materials, soapstone was used as the material of choice for laboratory countertops.

Being completely heat proof, Soapstone will also not burn or be damaged by heat. Some of the best fireplaces are made of soapstone.

Possible Looks

The oiled and waxed look - vs - The natural look

The oiled and waxed look

If a deep rich color of soapstone is the desired look and love to see the prominent natural veining then the oil soapstone finish is the best choice.  In order to achieve this look oil will need to applied periodical until it develops a permanent patina.

The natural look

Untreated soapstone usually results in shades of light gray.  Those choosing this option will eventually get oil and other spills on the soapstone which will darken the soapstone in some spots, but will not stain it, since soapstone is non-porous.  The soapstone can either be cleaned with common cleaner or with a steel-wool pad.  It is important to remember that nothing will penetrate the surface of the stone and satin it.